A Little Bit About My Journey…

A little over two years ago I began writing Deceit. I found myself at work, newly pregnant and completely sidetracked. I was having vivid dreams of a place that was so enticing and realistic. I found myself daydreaming, which is not an odd occurrence, but it was just more frequent than I was used to. The only problem was I couldn’t shut it off. One day after school (I’m a teacher) I sat at my desk and after everyone went home I started writing my first young adult fictional novel.

I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t writing something. I have always loved to escape into a good book or into my own creative, whimsical adventure. I knew that writing was in my blood and after ignoring it for a few years I’m happy to say, I’m back and I’m not stopping!

Since I began writing Deceit a lot has changed. I now have a two-year old and a one month old. I am still teaching Biology and Forensic Science but I now am an online instructor and work from home. So things at home are busy and I use my “writing time” as an escape from my very happy, hectic life.