Open Graves



When the bodies of murdered women are found left along the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts it’s up to Forensic Scientist Daphne Wreaks with the aid of her expertise and a determination to find the truth and commonality between these murders.

With Daphne sifting through each of these disturbing crime scenes she unexpectedly finds comfort in the lead Detective, Ben Thomas being there with her. Detective Thomas is not only as determined to find the murderer as Daphne is, but he understands what she’s going through.

With everything going upside down around them Wreaks and Thomas have to put their budding relationship on hold in order to find the murderer. If she can stay focused and ignore her past that’s been haunting her there’s a chance she’ll be able to place the pieces of this disturbing puzzle together.

Or maybe it’s her past that’s hunting her down.

Only time will tell.

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