Her blonde flowing hair sits perfectly on her shoulders. She moves through the fields of flowers quickly, clearly she’s on a mission. Her mind is set, she’s headed toward the forest. Exploring already, I can’t help but smile at her eagerness. Swiftly she tucks her blonde tendrils behind her ears and picks up the pace.

Closely I follow behind her while she’s unaware of my presence. Maddox told me to keep a close eye on this one. He’s never told me that before. She’s my twenty-sixth integration. Usually, at this point, half-breeds know they’ll be residents of Pumalia soon. However, Maddox has kept her in the dark. Without hesitation, she continues to walk deeper into the forest.   She pauses momentarily to look up at the trees. She probably notices that they’re very different from what she’s accustomed to on Earth.

She begins to slow. Finally, she halts at the edge of the river bank.

She is still, minutes pass, I move closer to see what has stopped her. Her hands noticeably tremble and her body stiffens. I wonder if she saw me.

“I know you’re there.” Her voice is small and panicky.

She did.