More Please!

I’ve had the most incredible few nights of sleep. Granted my four-month-old son interrupted them once or twice but they were still remarkable. I think it’s because I slept for more than three hours at a time. How can that be good, you may ask. The answer is, I started dreaming again! Dreaming to me is a gift. It could be because I’m a work at home, stay at home mom and dreaming is an invaluable escape, but it’s so much more.dream

I’m someone who has always had the most incredible dreams. I hate to brag, but it’s true. I even have the uncanny ability to choose to experience a repeat dream or even better continue from where I left off the night before, that’s my favorite. It has been almost ten months since I’ve visited dreamland. They say everyone dreams but some don’t remember their dreams. I was afraid I was becoming someone who couldn’t remember. Honestly, I worried that I might not be able to go on any adventures while exercising my imagination and then it happened.

I’ve always been able to continue dreams this is commonly referred to as dream continuity. How do I do it? It took some practice but in my mind it was well worth it. Have you ever had a dream where you were actually angry because you woke up without knowing the outcome? Well, with some practice you can also choose your dream for the evening. I’ve listed the steps I take when I want to continue a dream or have a repeat dream.

  1. Follow the same evening routine and get into bed.
  2. Replay your dream in your mind and focus on the different senses you experienced while in your dream. I often think about what I’d imagine it smelled like, the weather (temperature), the different noises and most importantly how I felt (happy, scared, excited).
  3. Let yourself fall asleep thinking about where you left off. Or if you’d like to repeat a dream start at the beginning.

It’s as simple as one, two and three. It did take some practice. However, it’s worth it. Before my dreaming dry spell, I was still able to recall dreams I had ten years ago and either have them again or continue them. This is my great, creative escape!

The articles below also provide some great advice and science behind controlling your own dreams.

How To Control Your Dreams

How Can You Control Your Dreams?

Do you do anything special in order to dream? If you do comment below! Sweet dreams…

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